Extras & Tools

Here are a selection of extras and tools to supplement the content of the book.

Chapter 2: Text (p55)

Author Details

Find out more about hCards.

Chapter 5: Images (p108)

Tools to Edit & Save Images

Watch a video that demonstrate how to resize images and save them in the correct format in Photoshop.

Chapter 5: Images (p97)

Choosing Images for Your Site

Read our visual guide to choosing the right image for your website.

Chapter 5: Images (p113)

Image Dimensions

Watch a video guide to changing the dimensions of images in Photoshop.

Chapter 5: Images (p118)

Displaying transparent PNGs in IE6

A helpful JavaScript technique for getting transparent images to display properly in IE6.

Chapter 8: Extra Markup (p193)

Escape Characters

Reference our list of escape codes.

Chapter 9: Flash, Video & Audio (p215)

Encoding Videos for the Web

An introduction to two tools that help you encode videos and audio into the correct formats.

Chapter 12: Text (p272)

sIFR & Cufon (older font techniques)

A description of two older techniques for showing custom fonts that you may come across on older sites (although it is recommended that you use @font-face instead).

Chapter 14: Lists, Tables and Forms (p338)

Table Styles

Take a look at some examples of using CSS to style tables.

Chapter 18: Process (p472)

Implementing a Site Search

Read some information on how to implement search functionality for your site using Google Custom Search.